How to Order
You can order from our friendy website from desktop or mobile
How to select the cake weight

You can Order cake in any weight you want from 0.250 kg to 25 kg
If you want cake in different size other than sizes specified under weight you need to call our order helpline 9923176108


Select the flavour you want from our Flavour menu.

we provide Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Chocolate, White chocolate, Butterscotch, Chocolate truffle, White Chocolate truffle flaveours.

if you want any other flavours then you need to specifiy it by calling order helpline 9923176108

Message on the cake

Generally 20 characters can be printed on the cake.

Name will be printed in prominent form followed by other messages.

You can state the message to be printed on the cake in order notes field on checkout page. 

What is shipping charges for the delivery of the cakes?

Shipping is free for the 2 KM from the shop and from 2 to 10 KM 50 ₹ shipping charges are applied.

how early I can order the cake ?

A minimum of two days is required to place your order. You can select any date two days after the current date.

What is difference between billing address and shipping address.

Billing address is customers address who is going to order cake. and shipping address is address where cake is going to be delivered.